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Become A Crown & Bridges Specialist

One of the many challenges faced by dentists after graduation is the lack of confidence which stems from the lack of clinical skills they have even after doing house job. Learning international standard crown preparations is an integral part of the skills of a general dentist.
This course comprises of 10 sessions. Each session has an hour allotted to the lectures and four hours for hands on session which each participant will do individually. The process of learning crown preparation will require your full commitment and you will need to dedicate six months to take your preparation to the international standard.

Crown & Bridges

Clinical Course


Crowns & Bridges

Take your crown preps to international standards


Dr. Aqib is the only American certified cosmetic dentist practicing in Pakistan. His expertise arein Fixed restoration, smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation! He plans on improving the standard of dentistry in Pakistan to international standards.

Clinical Crown & Bridge Course

Break Up Of Sessions

Session 1: 17th November 2018

Lecture: Introduction to crown and bridges pre-requisites of crown prep Indications and contra indications Burs used for crown prep

Hands-on: pre-molar occlusal preps on casts

Session 2: 18th November 2018

Lecture: types of crowns: Zirconia, PFM and E-max

Hands-on: premolar and molar occlusal preps on casts

Session 3: 24th November 2018

Lecture: temporization

Hands on: molar occlusal preps on articulated cast models

Session 4: 15th December 2018

Lecture: impression taking and different impression material

Hands on: molar occlusal and proximal prep for single crowns and bridge prep principles

Break Up Of Sessions

Break Up Of Sessions

Session 5: 12th January 2019

Lecture: shoulder, chamfer

Hands on: molar and premolar full crown prep on casts

Session 6: 2nd February 2019

Lecture: principles of anterior crown prep

Hands on: anterior teeth prep

Session 7: 23rd February 2019

Lecture: principles of anterior bridge prep

Hands on: incisor and canines crown prep on casts

Session 8: 16th March 2019

Lecture: Impression techniques and materials

Hand on: crown prep on phantom heads

Session 9: 6th April 2019

Lecture: crown delivery + bitewing and its importance

Hands on: crown preps on molar, premolar and anterior on phantom heads

Break Up Of Sessions

Break Up Of Sessions

Session 10: 4th May 2019

Hands on: Mock exam

Clinical Days for the participants to perform crown preps on patients will be decided at the end of the course.

Each participant will be allowed to bring one patient and will be guided to prepare and deliver crown/bridge to the patient under supervision of Dr. Aqib Mudassar.

We will guide you at each step and take you to the finish line.

Course registration fee: Rs. 1,75,000/-

Break up of installments:

Initial deposit Rs.75,000/-

2nd installment in first month: Rs.35,000/-

3rd installment in second month: Rs.35,000/-

4th installment in third month: Rs.30,000/-

If the entire fee is paid in advance : 1,55,000/-

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