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Smile Makeover

smile Makeover

Teeth are one of the most important part of human body and play a vital role in completing anyone’s personality. A beautiful smile presents a person in a much better way and gives him a boost of confidence.
One has to take due care of his oral hygiene in order to have and to maintain a beautiful smile. Negligence in the following things can calcify plague on your teeth.

high intake of alcohol
High intake of sugary drinks

Negligence in these routines and high intake of hazardous things for teeth result in plaque which the gums see as an infection. Since our bodies work on self-construction mechanism if there is something wrong, so the in order to combat plaque, the immune system starts to attack it. But this leads to the destruction of healthy gum tissues as well which makes the gums loosen their grip on the teeth. This exposes the gums to sensitivity and as food get stuck in the gaps, cavities form. These cavities once formed have to be tended professionally in order to fix them. Plaque also results in gum bleeding and swelling. This gives a painful experience and a negative image to the smile. Hence, people suffering from this have to go for a smile makeover to begin afresh.
Apart from gum disease and plaque, a high intake of coffee, alcohol, a lot of smoking and eating lots of dark colored foods stain the teeth and they lose their whiteness. Gleaming white teeth give a better impression than the ones which are stained. Your teeth tell your story of taking care of yourself and your oral hygiene. Therefore, in order to restore your teeth whiteness, one has to have a smile teeth makeover by teeth whitening technique. Teeth whitening can be carried out professionally by the dentist and also by some do-it-yourself kits.
You may have heard of a smile makeover, but are you aware of the wonders a cosmetic dental procedure can do? A smile makeover can:

Straighten crooked, overlapped teeth
Close gaps between teeth
Whiten stained teeth
Repair chipped or worn teeth
Replace missing teeth
And so much more

When it comes to smile Makeover, Dr. Aqib insists on integrity, beauty and strength. For those reasons, he works with a team of highly specialized and crafty Dental Technicians to produce the amazing results to brighten your smile.


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