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New Technologies

Diode Lasers

As dentists, we strive to create the perfect smile.  Our use of laser allows for practical and the least invasive technology available to deliver restorative and preventative care.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry:

Procedures performed using soft tissue dental lasers may not require sutures (stitches).
Certain laser dentistry procedures do not require anesthesia.
Laser dentistry minimizes bleeding because the high-energy light beam aids in the clotting (coagulation) of exposed blood vessels, thus inhibiting blood loss.
Bacterial infections are minimized because the high-energy beam sterilizes the area being worked on.
Damage to surrounding tissue is minimal.
Wounds heal faster and tissues can be regenerated.

Soft Tissue (Gum) Laser Dentistry Procedures:

Crown Lengthening: Dental lasers can reshape the gum tissue (soft tissue laser) and bone (hard tissue laser) to expose healthier tooth structure.  Referred to as a crown lengthening, such reshaping provides a stronger foundation for the placement of restorations.

Gummy Smile: Dental lasers can reshape gum tissue to expose healthy tooth structure and improve the appearance of gummy smile.

Muscle Attachment (Frenula):A laser frenectomy is an ideal treatment option for children who are tongue tied (restricted or tight frenulum) and babies unable to breast feed adequately due to limited tongue movement.  A laser frenectomy may also help to eliminate speech impediments.

Soft Tissue Folds: Dental lasers may be used for the painless and suture-free removal of soft tissue folds often caused by ill-fitting dentures. 

OSHA Regulations


OSHA Law & Regulations

Under the OSHA Act, employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace. OSHA’s mission is to assure safe and healthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards, and by providing training, outreach, education and assistance. Employers must comply with all applicable OSHA standards. Employers must also comply with the General Duty Clause of the OSH Act, which requires employers to keep their workplace free of serious recognized hazards.

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Arrowhead Lab


Quality and Artistry Arrowhead’s Dedication to Excellence

Arrowhead Dental Laboratory is known the world over for its unsurpassed quality and artistry. Their master technicians have taken the art of dentistry to new heights and continue to innovate on a level unsurpassed in the industry. The over 250 employees of Arrowhead represent a body of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in the dental industry. Customers who use Arrowhead get more than just a dental laboratory, they get a dedicated and experienced partner who will work with them to exceed their patient’s expectations.

Discriminating dentists know that the best technicians are found only in places that seek to constantly advance the person and the product. Arrowhead’s extraordinary commitment to quality attracts the most skilled artisans in the industry. We have worked long and hard to assemble the finest practitioners of the dental arts from around the world. You and your patients will appreciate the exquisite attention to detail and unsurpassed artistry that our dental technicians instill in each and every crown we make.


Complicated and comprehensive cases require skill and knowledge far beyond the ordinary. Maintaining Arrowhead’s high standards, our technicians are capable of advising on and meeting the most demanding requirements of full-arch or full-mouth reconstruction. No other laboratory in the world is as capable or does more full mouth cases than Arrowhead.

Davinci Lab


For over 40 years, DaVinci® Laboratories has been a leader in nutritional research, product development and innovation from our home state of Vermont. Our dedication to higher integrity, and insistence on superior quality are a reflection of Vermont values. We are a family-owned and managed company and are always willing to assist you in any way possible on matters relating to nutrition. Every day, DaVinci® continues to set new standards for quality and product innovation so we can keep you as healthy and informed as possible.



T-Scan™ is dentistry's only clinically recognized and research validated digital occlusion analysis system, consisting of a sensor, USB-based handle, and proprietary software that reveals the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability of the patient’s bite. When used in conjunction with articulating paper, T-Scan's precise, actionable data gives you the ability to diagnose and treat occlusion accurately. State of the art, digital software helps to identify premature contacts, high forces, and interrelationship of occlusal surfaces. The T-Scan system enhances patient education, reduces costly repeat visits and remakes, and enables a more confident, proactive approach to patient care.

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