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Gum Bleeding

Gum Bleeding

Every time one eats, food is forced between the teeth. Sometimes the food particles are big enough to be noticed but most of the time these particles are very small and go unnoticed. The food particles which remain stuck between the teeth remain in the warm and moist environment until it breaks down into acid and bacteria. The acid produced causes the tooth decay and the bacteria results in gum disease.
Gingivitis is the first stage of gum disease which is an inflammation of the gum tissue triggered by bacteria. In this inflammation, the gingival tissue becomes swollen and forms blood pockets inside gum tissue pockets. When these blood blisters are disturbed by brushing, flossing or biting any hard food, they break open and bleed. Furthermore, if negligence is shown in taking care of the oral hygiene, plaque calcifies on the teeth which later on becomes tartar and effects the gums. Due to which the grip of gums loosen on the teeth and pockets form. Germs can get trapped inside these pockets and attack the gums and bones supporting the teeth. Progression of gingivitis results into a more serious condition known as Periodontitis which causes tooth loss and may affect the overall health.
Gum bleeding should not be taken lightly. You must see your dentist at the first sign of gum bleeding so that the disease can be catered to at the beginning. In over to avoid gum bleeding and gum problems, oral health should be a priority. Brushing before going to bed and flossing after every meal should be added in the routine. In addition to this, a visit to a dentist should be a must at any slight alarm of gum bleeding.


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