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Full Mouth Restoration

full mouth restoration

When your jaw is aligned properly, it opens and closes with comfort. The teeth come together evenly. The muscles and tendons work in harmony. But if the jaw is even slightly misaligned or knocked off balance – maybe by a chipped dental filling or missing tooth – all sorts of symptoms can occur.

Symptoms of Misaligned Jaw

Headaches or migraines
Pain when you bite or chew
Worn, broken or chipped teeth or dental restorations
Jaw pain
Neck and back pain
Clicking or popping in jaw joints

A misaligned jaw strains the TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and surrounding muscles and tendons, causing pain. It also affects all the teeth in your mouth, causing them to wear unevenly, break, fracture, and if left untreated, even fall out.

But there is a solution. A treatment called Full-Mouth Restoration can return your jaw to a healthy position and restore your teeth to a natural, attractive appearance.


If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, see Dr. Aqib for a consultation. If he recommends Full-Mouth Restoration, he may use a variety of the following to fulfill your treatment:

Dental bridges Inlays/Onlays
Dental implants

When placed properly, these dental restorations will raise or lower certain areas of your bite, returning your jaw to a healthy, comfortable position. Pain will be eliminated and your smile will be beautifully restored.

full mouth

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