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For Students and House Officers : 3000/-

For Dentist : 4000/-

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Date: December, 2nd, 2018

Timings: 10:30 am – 05:30 pm

Buffet Lunch

Venue: Park Lane Hotel, 107 M.M. Alam Road, Lahore


+92 323 400 0101

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1st Speaker

Let’s Explore The Unlimited Possibilities At Our Disposal For The Growth Of Dentistry In Pakistan!

Cosmetic Centers did not exist in Pakistan 10 years ago, however they are booming now. We, dentists, have been around for decades but are unable to get patients to do the necessary treatment. Let’s be innovative and work together to bring boom in dentistry.


A guide on how to overcome the feeling of loss and negativity that the fresh graduates experience after graduating. Learn how to set goals and what pathway you need to take to achieve them. Lets discuss the road to skill development and clinical success.

By: Dr. Aqib Mudassar (D.D.S USA)

With over 12,000+ Patients in California, USA and 2000+ patients in Pakistan, he is the only American Certified Cosmetic Dentist practicing in Lahore.
He has completed 4-year extensive training programs on Cosmetic dentistry from California & successfully performed over 1500 smile makeover cases.

2nd Speaker

Dr. Noeen Arshad

Dr Noeen Arshad graduated from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry, did his pediatric Dentistry training from Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, USA and later did his Diplomate American board of pediatric Dentistry. Later he did his postgraduate training in orthodontics from the Eastman Dental Institute, London UK. Dr. Noeen is the only dual trained specialist in both pedo and ortho and the only US board
Pediatric dentist in Pakistan. In addition to his practice Dr. Noeen has been involved in academics  locally and internationally both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Dr. Noeen has active professional practicing licenses in Pakistan, UAE and the US. He has taken more professional exams around the globe than most!! From Australia to Middle East to Europe and the USA. He is well versed with the undergraduate and postgraduate professional opportunities across the globe. He is an inspirational speaker a motivator and a great career counselor. His students, colleagues and interns have over the years being inspired by him have achieved accolades in dental careers locally and internationally.

Importance of Practice Management

  • Marketing

     The market for dentistry in its true sense is still untapped in Pakistan and needs a
     lot of analysis before we can make the best use of it, and contribute to it to the
     best of our abilities as health care professionals.
  • Importance of setup

     We will discuss the ingredients of building a setup that leaves lasting a impression
     on your patients which makes the feel comfortable and wanting to come back.
  • Importance of systems

     To run any dental practice, the importance of systems can never be under
     estimated. We will discuss how incorporating the right systems  increases
     productivity and get us better results.
  • Digital Dentistry

  • Team Building

     Learn the art of building an effective team to utilize every minute to its maximum
     and reducing the stress of taking caring of it all.. its never a one man show,
     together everyone achieves more.
  • Selling big cases

     How to increase case acceptance and whats the unique skill of selling big cases.
     Learning patients psyche before we can convince them to get the right treatment
     done is very important. A powerful consult; the key to convince patients will be
  • Why people are reluctant to visit a dentist

     Discuss the various misconceptions and myths about dentistry because of which
     people are reluctant to visit us.
  • Importance of patient education

     Discuss the benefits of patient education and its importance in increasing the case
     acceptance rate.

The Art Of Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Case Selection

     The key to a good smile makeover is mastering the art of case selection.
  • Treatment Planning

     For a successful smile makeover we will discuss key factors such as health of
     gums, teeth, long term prognosis and multiple other factors that are to be
     considered while treatment planning.
  • Aesthetic Photography

     Preview the necessary photography needed for a complete aesthetic exam and
     the techniques for taking those photos.
  • Smile Design

     Learn the concept of gingivoplasty, considering details like buccal corridors, incisal
     edge position and other aspects to design a perfect smile.
  • Preparation Design

     We will discuss preparation guidelines such as rotation, lengthening, gum line and
     multiple other factors that are considered while preparing teeth for smile fixation.
  • Diagnostic Waxup

     Discuss the importance and techniques of doing diagnostic waxup.
  • Laboratory Communication

     Discuss the necessary tools to be provided and efficient communication with the
  • Temporization

     Temporization is a trailer of the final result and an opportunity to make any
     change before cementing the final crown or veneer.
  • Cementation

     Discuss the protocol of this highly techniques sensitive step of the cosmetic case.