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Best Braces in Lahore

Best Braces in Lahore

People who are not blessed with straight teeth should not worry anymore. Braces and orthodontic treatment are used to correct the bad bites and malocclusion; condition where the teeth are crooked or crowded. In some cases, despite having straight teeth, the upper and lower jaws do not align and do not meet properly. This misalignment of jaws could be inherited or could be the result of some accident or thumb sucking. Having an abnormal bite also results in a non-straight smile which affects the overall appearance of the smile. If the abnormal bite is not corrected, it can lead to further oral health problems which are stated below:

Gum disease
Tooth loss
Jaw lock
Affected chewing or speech
Tooth decay

There are typically three types of braces in Lahore.

Braces that are bonded to the front of the teeth
Braces that are bonded to the back of the teeth
Metal bands that wrap around the teeth

The dentist chooses the right type of braces after examining the teeth. Traditional braces in Lahore realign teeth by applying pressure. This pressure can be increased with the passage of time by tightening the braces. This tightening is done in order to gradually shift the teeth and jaw. There has been an introduction of clear braces in Lahore as well. These braces are less visible and comfortable for those people to wear who hesitate in smiling with braces. For kids, there is a wide range of bright, fun colored braces to choose from.


Teeth Braces Cost

One of the major teeth issues are related to teeth space and appearance. People feel hesitant to smile in public because of their uneven or widened teeth. This lack of confidence can spoil your entire personality. Teeth braces is the solution of these uneven or widened teeth but people do not prefer these teeth braces because of two reasons, the first one is visibility and the other is its cost. But Ideal Smile Dentistry offers solution of both issues as less visible teeth braces have been introduced by Dr. Aqib Mudassar. Moreover, fun colored teeth braces are also available for children’s attraction. In addition, you can avail all these valued and advanced services at an affordable price.


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